Monday, November 10, 2014

Looking for Information

#Microblog Monday

This morning I changed my mind about the topic of my post.  The original idea will keep for next week.

Today I am asking for your help.  I need to pick your brains, so to speak.  Most who post here have a lot of blogging experience.  I'm asking you to share some of that expertise.

My problem is this:  I have difficulty commenting from my iPhone 4.  I very rarely have access to the desktop computer, but I always have my phone with me.  I take it everywhere, even to my dialysis treatments.  As soon as I'm "hooked up" (as we say) I can use my phone with my free hand.  It makes the 3 hours less stressful to use my time reading blogs, checking email, and sometimes playing double pyramid solitaire.

While I'm reading blogs, I'm trying to comment.  Something is wrong because I have a very high failure rate.  When I hit "publish" more often than not, my comment will disappear into the Black Hole of the Internet.  I have the most trouble with WordPress blogs and this only happens when I'm trying to comment from my phone. Could it be something with security settings or privacy settings? Does the fault belong to my phone? I'm grasping at straws here.

In desperation, I've recently started searching the home pages of blogs for an email address as an alternate way of commenting,  Amazingly, not many blogs have published email addresses.  How do you let someone know you are repeatedly reading and attempting to comment on their blog if you can't locate an email address?  Sort of a vicious circle.

Any and all suggestions will be appreciated!


  1. I don't have an iPhone but commenting from my iPad is a nuisance. Sorry I don't have an answer but wanted to sympathise. Hopefully a more technically savvy commenter will be able to offer a solution!

  2. One thought: Wordpress makes you sign in to leave a comment if you have a Wordpress account. Hence why I don't use my normal email address when I leave a comment on a Wordpress blog. I once made an account with Wordpress under my normal email address, and now I have to sign into Wordpress if I ever want to leave a comment that uses that email address. The way I get around it is to leave another email address. Is that maybe the problem?