Tuesday, November 4, 2014

A Conversation


My favorite cousin called from Seattle on Saturday.  The exchange went something like this.  "Whatcha doin'?," she asked.  "Folding clothes", I replied. "Oh, that sounds exciting."  "Yes," I answered.  And all the while I'm thinking, "this is the sort of stimulating conversation for which cross country telephoning was invented.  Alexander Graham Bell would be so proud.

I hope the NSA wasn't eavesdropping on that particular call.  They may have thought, in their conspiracy oriented minds, that it was some sort of code.  But then, who really knows what the NSA thinks? "Frankly, my dear...", but I digress.

I just wish someone would help me find the mates to the 23 unmatched white socks (of all styles, sizes and varying shades of white, but no two alike) currently residing in my laundry basket.  Why 23?  Why not an even number?  Why not 24 or 22?  It's a mystery.

Cousin and I discussed the conundrum of the 23 socks at some length and then moved on to weightier issues.

How many unmatched socks are you harboring in your laundry basket?


  1. SO MANY! Where do they go? I mean, sometimes I find them tucked into the sleeve of a shirt, but other than that, where do they go? I'm missing so many socks.

  2. That's a lot of socks! If a missing sock doesn't turn up over a course of months, then I ditch the remaining one.

  3. haven't counted them but imagine it must be loads! Every so often when I can't find matching socks I just buy new ones. Or wear a pair that are somewhat similar and just hope no one notices!